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moda catamaran series

Setting the standard for form and function​.

20190823 Moda Cat 04 C-2900


C2900 (2.5 metres beam) and C2900 wide-beam body (2.85 metres beam) are the icons of Moda’s fleet & our most popular vessels. A large powerful boat you can trailer, with full headroom fully-equipped bathroom.


Moda’s C3100 power catamaran is ideal for extended fishing trips and relaxed overnight adventures with family & friends on your favourite waterway . With an additional 1 metre of length & .4 metres of beam width over Moda’s C2900, the C3100 is roomier yet can be permanently moored or trailered … great advantage on longer road trips & exploring on-water … and with all the luxury comforts you need.

C3100 3
20200715 C3300c


Moda C3300 Power Cat (9.5 metres long x 3.5 metres wide) is considered the ‘leader of the prestige pack’ by catamaran afficionados.

The C3300 – Moda’s largest, most luxurious vessel – offers next level stability & luxury comfort whilst you’re motoring … even in challenging conditions. Palatial appointments coupled with spaciousness make the C3300 a must have custom vessel for those seeking extended fishing trips & time away from it all in dramatic locations.